Chief technology management leader of financial systems in Rakuten Inc., lived in Fukuoka, Japan.

This blog contains not only technical articles but many subculture contents of Japan, including film photography, vintage computers, cars, animations, and so force. My native tongue is Japanese, and there are many Japanese contents here. And I decided to change this blog main language to English, with improving my English skills, to communicate world wide peoples.

“Mushagaeshi” means the rock structure of Japanese castle “Kumamoto Castle”, which was established in 1600 at the centre of Kumamoto city, the place I was born. I love the style, especially in the beautiful ancient architecture of the real Samurai era in Japan.

Kumamoto Castle web site is as below.

I love film photography using many formats, 4x5inch, 6x7cm, 6x6cm, and 35mm, with both positive slide films and negative films. And I love WISTA, HASSELBLAD, Nikon and Leica and its great mechanical lenses.

I also love some video games, especially in old days ones, some of the MSX, Family Computer (aka NES in US), Mega Drive (aka GENESIS in US), and many of other vintage console systems. In Japan, there are many great PCs in 1980, and I own these computers in this era.

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