Hakata Iwai-Medeta Song Translation

I asked the local song of “Iwai-Medeta” in Fukuoka Hakata area from non-Japanese friends. I searched the translation to English but not found.

The “Iwai-Medeta” (in Japanese 祝いめでた) is the song for the brilliant day’s song, especially for the business agreements sign for the local enterprise peoples. This song also shared as the theme song of the “Hakata Gion Yamakasa” in Kushida shurine in Hakata.

Anyway, I translated the “Iwai-Medeta” in English as below. Almost all means are for the long prosperities for the singing peoples.

The original song was made with unknown situations, and we don’t know the details of the meaning. I tried to translate with the standard feeling of a normal Japanese. But if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

The video is available in the YouTube here. http://youtu.be/d9_z-8ZG7Ec

Celebration and Joious of Wakamatsu the God, Wakamatsu the God
Iwai-Medeta no Wakamatsu-Sama yo Wakamatsu-Sama yo
祝いめでたの 若松様よ 若松様よ


Growing not only the branches but also the leaves.
Eda mo Sakayu-rya Ha mo Shugeru
枝も栄ゆりゃ 葉もしゅげる


Let’s chant, and chant, and chant, and chant. Ya, we don’t have no choice!
Eisho-e Eisho-e, sho-e, sho-e A, Shonga-ne!
詠唱ェ 詠唱ェショウェショウェ ァしょんがね!


Invite your neigborhoods Ya, we don’t have no choice.
Arewai Sasoe, Sasoe, e, Shonga-ne-e.
アレワイ誘え誘え ェしょんがねー


Let’s have our clap hands sign!


Ready, (clap, clap) Again, (clap, clap) Three times with celebrating (clap, clap…, clap)
Iyo-h, (Pan, Pan) Ma Hitotsu, (pan, pan) You-to San-do (pa-pan, pan)
ィヨーォ (パンパン) まひとつ (パンパン) 祝うと三度 (パパンパン)