> sc delete MySQL
[SC] DeleteService SUCCESS


SC is a command line program used for communicating with the
NT Service Controller and services.
sc <server> [command] [service name] <option1> <option2>...

The option <server> has the form "ServerName"
Further help on commands can be obtained by typing: "sc [command]"
query-----------Queries the status for a service, or
enumerates the status for types of services.
queryex---------Queries the extended status for a service, or
enumerates the status for types of services.
start-----------Starts a service.
pause-----------Sends a PAUSE control request to a service.
interrogate-----Sends an INTERROGATE control request to a service.
continue--------Sends a CONTINUE control request to a service.
stop------------Sends a STOP request to a service.
config----------Changes the configuration of a service (persistant).
description-----Changes the description of a service.
failure---------Changes the actions taken by a service upon failure.
sidtype---------Changes the service SID type of a service.
qc--------------Queries the configuration information for a service.
qdescription----Queries the description for a service.
qfailure--------Queries the actions taken by a service upon failure.
qsidtype--------Queries the service SID type of a service.
delete----------Deletes a service (from the registry).
create----------Creates a service. (adds it to the registry).
control---------Sends a control to a service.
sdshow----------Displays a service's security descriptor.
sdset-----------Sets a service's security descriptor.
showsid---------Displays the service SID string corresponding to an ar
bitrary name.
GetDisplayName--Gets the DisplayName for a service.
GetKeyName------Gets the ServiceKeyName for a service.
EnumDepend------Enumerates Service Dependencies.

The following commands don't require a service name:
sc <server> <command> <option>
boot------------(ok | bad) Indicates whether the last boot should
be saved as the last-known-good boot configuration
Lock------------Locks the Service Database
QueryLock-------Queries the LockStatus for the SCManager Database
sc start MyService

Would you like to see help for the QUERY and QUERYEX commands? [ y | n ]:

If the query command is followed by a service name, the status
for that service is returned.  Further options do not apply in
this case.  If the query command is followed by nothing or one of
the options listed below, the services are enumerated.
type=    Type of services to enumerate (driver, service, all)
(default = service)
state=   State of services to enumerate (inactive, all)
(default = active)
bufsize= The size (in bytes) of the enumeration buffer
(default = 4096)
ri=      The resume index number at which to begin the enumeration
(default = 0)
group=   Service group to enumerate
(default = all groups)
sc query                - Enumerates status for active services & drivers
sc query messenger      - Displays status for the messenger service
sc queryex messenger    - Displays extended status for the messenger service
sc query type= driver   - Enumerates only active drivers
sc query type= service  - Enumerates only Win32 services
sc query state= all     - Enumerates all services & drivers
sc query bufsize= 50    - Enumerates with a 50 byte buffer.
sc query ri= 14         - Enumerates with resume index = 14
sc queryex group= ""    - Enumerates active services not in a group
sc query type= service type= interact - Enumerates all interactive services
sc query type= driver group= NDIS     - Enumerates all NDIS drivers