Attraction of the middle format film

I went to the place where I like to visit, Ohori park in Fukuoka city, the beautiful place. The next place is the Fukuoka castle, the famous park of the cherry blossoms and ume flower. Unfortunately, the ume flower was end, but the cherry blossoms will be fine within few weeks.

I went to shoot the cherry blossoms with middle format camera, the Hasselblad. There was many photo shooter, but almost all had the digital small format camera with zoom lenses. I disagree the authenticity of the digital format, and I like with film shooting.

I have some format cameras, 35mm, middle format, and large format. In recent days I often use the middle format camera, the Hasselblad. This world class famous camera has many extreme well-made lenses, the Carl Zeiss. Unfortunately, the latest Haseelblad H series don’t have the Carl Zeiss series (with FUJINON, the lens manufacturer in Japan), but the previous V series has many Carl Zeiss lenses made in Germany. And this is full mechanical camera, working with no electronic powers.

I like the large format film, and with reversal (slide) film, because of its integrity — we can see the film with normal color directly. The 35mm film size is very small and we can see it with some 4x rope for full sight, but the middle format or larger size enable to see directly. The middle format film with Hasselblad 6×6 cm size is the smallest size to see directly I think. Its size is little bit smaller than the normal postal card, and good to see it directly through a light box.

This direct view size also enable me to see with both eyes through the view finder. Hasselblad has a big, bright and beautiful finder called acute matt D, developed by Minolta, and it makes me happy to shoot.

Anyway, I went to there with my Hasslblad 503CW, and bring my 2 lenses, Distagon 50mm CFi and Sonar 180mm CFi. I planned to shoot cherry blossoms with Distagon for the wide angle for the main purpose, and the Sonar to shoot with long-range shoot for the sub.



Yes, I love this old-style shooting.