Updated my twitter account name to @HirofumiIwasaki

I’m considering about the changing my account name of twitter. Finally changed to my real name @HirofumiIwasaki.

The mean of @rockcape, my previous account name was from my family name ‘Iwasaki’, but it was my misunderstanding. Iwasaki (岩崎) means ‘rock cliff’ or just ‘cliff’, so the account name must be rock cliff or cliff, but already occupied.

So I decided to back to my original name directly. Little bit difficult to call my name in English style, but this IS my name as one of a Japanese.

By the way, I changed my follower from Japanese account to English one, and realised that there are few of the Japanese news accounts. Almost all guys around the world cannot recognise the incidents and problems of the Japan with these sad environment.

Now I’m trying to change my business and programming style to English, and also trying to twit in English. Hope may people in Japan twit in English for world wide, and improve the sad situation and more recognised the Japan by oversea guys as well.