Happy Java 8 Release

As you might know, the Java 8 was released yesterday, and I tried to use both my OS X and Windows environment with new NetBeans 8 and GlassFish 4.

Including many useful improvement in 8, the new edition of the common platform is the best one ever. And please be careful that any new software has some of uncertain bugs. If you plan to apply 8 to your production environment in the future, be careful to new information of bugs or vulnerabilities of this new island.

If you are a good Java operator, please make sure that the Java VM environment was completely changed and some well known JVM booting options was deleted and you must learn a lot of new philosophy of imported new VM functions from JRockit from BEA WebLogic (by Intel formerly).

If you are a nice programmer or software architect, please be careful of your favored libraries or app servers compatibilities of 8. Especially almost all commercial licenced app servers, including WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss or like that, the requirement JDK might be still with 7u51, and please avoid the force applying 8 to them in your production environment. It might stak in booting time or now working correctly. Ask to the support when you can apply 8 to your platform.

Anyway, the new major version platform release is really special for us and welcome to our new future platform. And I want thanks so much for all guys related to new JDK releasing. Congratulations!