How to Move from J2EE from Java EE in Java Day Tokyo 2014

Last day I joined in Java Day Tokyo 2014 as a speaker and had this conference session “How to Move from J2EE from Java EE” as below. Uploaded in SlideShare.

Move from J2EE to Java EE from Hirofumi Iwasaki

The background of these slides and my presentation theme was for the poor enterprise systems which is not improved and keep going with J2EE 1.4 and many non-standard open source frameworks.

The big picture of Java EE – formerly J2EE is the standardization of the enterprise development API for any application servers, and the theme was not changed since the born of Java (2) platform, enterprise edition (J2EE). I strongly agreed these movement at the start of J2EE, and not changed in this time.

Many enterprise engineers still don’t know the latest version of JEE, due to the limitations of each company’s original standards – many standards are still based in J2EE 1.4. And the older standards applied systems are now turning into the “too old to migrate” systems.

As a fan of Java EE specifications, I want to share how to migrate to latest Java EE 7 standards from older ones. I hope these slides are for your system improvements and Java EE applied system increasing.