Seven Points for Applying Java EE 7 – Java Day Tokyo 2015

Last day I had a speaking session in “Java Day Tokyo 2015”. Here’s the session material for it.

Seven Points for Applying Java EE 7 from Hirofumi Iwasaki

This materials shows how to start your project with EE 7. There are many check points for starting the design of systems, and this describe some important points for it.

It seems that the Java EE engineers are increasing rapidly around the world, from the success of Java EE 6.

After six years passed from the EE 6 release, some Japanese company planned to update their older Struts-based older J2EE systems to the latest, with the EOL situation of them.

I wanted to say “start right now, with EE 7”, but there’s huge technical changes between J2EE-era and today. Start from here, with joyful EE programming.