My First Apple II, Apple IIGS



Arrived my first Apple II, Apple IIGS ROM 01 version. Great 16-bit, good old Apple machine. Lovely big rainbow apple!!

I wanted to have my own Apple II for a long time, from my elementary school. But unfortunately, it was not common platform in Japana. I could not find any Apple II in my hometown.

After over 20 years, I decided to have my Apple IIgs as my first Apple II experience. Ordered and sent from the USA, but unfortunately some keytops were broken due to no aircap coverage. Oh, vintage GS Apple keyboard!

Fixed them with putty and glue, now the system works correctly on my desk. It contains GS AppleColor monitor, Apple Keyboard (made in Japan),  Apple Mouse (made in USA), and two Apple 3.5 Drives.

The internal battery was already dead so I’m going to replace it later. Post the replacement process soon. (Update: see here).