Repairing Apple 5.25″ Drive (A9M0107) for Apple IIGS

Arrived the Apple 5.25 inch Floppy Drive for Apple IIGS (A9M0107) from US (almost spent one month!). The seller said it tested working. Great!

But unofrtunately it was not worked correctly. No seek sound at the boot, with no lamp. No problem, start fixing.


Open the screw just with two from the back of the disk, slide the top panel to the back. Easy opening.


Next, remove a screw of the next of the FDD connector. Now you can open the FDD drive top shield. It hardly attached to the FDD drive basement, so open with thin driver with slowly and carefully.



After removed the top shield, found the IC board of the FDD. Simple design, few electric parts.


Found it. The connector to the IIGS was almost off, by unknown shocks among the transferring. Just connect again. Completed.


The board was printed with old Apple computer logotype, on 1986, with “UNIDISK ANALOG #2”, but this drive is not the older “Unidisk 5.25 Drive” (A9M0104). It might shared the board from the last unidisk, or something. Unknown.


The drive is ALPS electric, made in Japan. One inch height, bigger than latest general 1/2 height 5.25″ FDD for PC/AT.


Close the top shield and cover, connect to the 3.5″ drive, and booted again. Works correctly. Easy repairing.