My JavaOne 2015 Session: CON3339

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Happy programming weekend! I’m going to have a speaking session in JavaOne 2015 on Oct 28, 11:30 AM, with my colleague Arshal as below. See you on SF.

Real-World Batch Processing with Java EE [CON3339]

Arshal Ameen, Team Manager, Rakuten, Inc.
Hirofumi Iwasaki, Group Manager, Rakuten, Inc.

Batch processing plays a key role in most organizations, mainly because it doesn’t need much human intervention. This session explores various ways in which batch processing can implemented with Java EE. It includes SWOT analysis of batch implementation with JSR 352 and embedded EJB containers. By the end of the session, the attendees should be able to understand when to use JSR 352 and when not to, the benefits of using an embedded EJB container for batch processing, and the best practices to follow when designing batch processes.

Conference Session
Wednesday, Oct 28, 11:30 a.m. | Parc 55—Cyril Magnin II/III