Dragon Slayer II Xanadu 30th Anniversary


This picture is with “Xanadu Bible”, the 30th fan book, with five different versions of Xanadu. I believe I have three additional versions including PC-9801, PC-8801mkIISR (earliest version), and MSX2 version, but cannot find at that time.

I love the Japanese 8-bit computer games, especially with Dragon Slayer series of Falcom.

Genius Mr. Kiya Yoshio and some special members were build 8 Dragon Slayer series in Falcom, and I believe the second released “Dragon Slayer II Xanadu” (1985) was the best Japanese computer game I’ve ever played so far.

When the Xanadu released, I was a elementary school so cannot played due to no 8-bit computers.

My first playing of Xanadu was high school student. When I purchased 16-bit computer PC-9801RX, firstly I ordered Xanadu PC-9801 version to Falcom directly by telephone, because there’s no packages in local computer shop. Already 5 years passed since the release, and the latest Dragon Slayer was V “Sorcerian” at that time.

Unfortunately the PC-9801 ported version only supported BEEP sounds and I was so disappointed due to the poor environment (but 16-bit! unbelievable…).

After that, I got 8-bit computers X1F and PC-8801mkIISR from my friend, and played Xanadu in each version. So surprised the qualities and difference of musics. X1 version was the first release with PSG sound, and PC-8801mkIISR version was with FM with PSG sounds.

Xanadu was the excellent game systems as a RPG-styled but almost puzzle game (Almost all Dragon Slayer series is the RPG-styled puzzle game I believe).

Each monster was limited amount in the world, so player must construct the route for killing last dragon. The route for ending is almost infinite, and each offense item, defense item, magic, and  item has experience points for its effects.

Due to the great rule of the game, there’s many fans in Japan. And this year is the 30th anniversary. And here’s the fan book of it, written by and . This book covers tons of information for it, including version differences, developer’s interviews, and many trivia. Great information I’ve ever read. Masterpiece of Xanadu.


You could purchase from this site, but unfortunately sold out. Keep waiting next announcement if you want to get it.


If you have any interest for playing Xanadu in  your Windows, you can purchase porting version from EGG here (this based on PC-8801mkIISR version, with rich FM music. Best version of all).


I have original versions and sometimes playing with my PC-8801 and X1turboZ real 8-bit machine. I believe no emulation environment is the best way to play.

Now I’m trying to take movies for playing. Here’s a test taking with Dragon Slayer (I) with real PC-8801MA2. I’m going to take Xanadu with it soon.